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fanficgraveyard's Journal

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The Fanfiction Graveyard
(Gundam Wing Community)

Have you ever read through what promised to be an astounding, brilliant, clever, dazzling, exceptional etc. . . piece of Gundam Wing fanfiction only to find out the author has totally abandoned the story? Have you been religiously following a WIP that hasn't been updated in over six months? Have you run into abandoned story arcs and multipart stories that you really wish could be finished because you feel so unsatisfied you could pull out your hair???

Well, you're not alone.

No, this isn't a "ranting" community. It is a recommendation site for well-written (but unfinished) gundam wing fanfiction. We know there's a lot out there, so it shouldn't be that difficult to find some quality ficcage that has, for some reason, been abandoned.

Are we masochistic for wanting ficcage that will undeniably torture us and leave us utterly unfulfilled? Well, perhaps. But in bringing together these unfinished works we hope to acknowledge writing as a process and pay homage to the writers who had to euthanize their fics (or those who had to save themselves from said fics.)And, while this is not a community designed to stalk or rant at authors for abandoning their projects, the fanfiction graveyard is hopeful that perhaps some of the recs will go through a restoration or reincarnation of sorts.

Post your recs here or email one of the community co-ordinators: