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Thu, Oct. 13th, 2005, 04:27 pm
nightengale: Belated death notice: Bridlewood Manor

Heh, wouldn't it be funny if I'm posting to a dead community, about an apparently dead story? XD

I hope I'm not out of line here. I'm acutally *shocked* that this one hasn't made it to the Graveyard yet. Perhaps it's not as cold as I feared.

Title: Bridlewood Manor
Author: Mitsugi
Rating: PG-13 (T on FFN)
Pairing: VERY slowly developing 1+2 --> 1x2 (but it made it there before dying!); others including 3-4-3
Chapters: 94

About the story:
It's an AU. A massive, massive AU. Mitsugi herself best explains it, in her notes preceding chapter one:
Welcome to Episode One of Bridlewood Manor. For those of you who have no idea what this is about, let me tell you that it's not your ordinary fanfiction, and point you in the direction of my website...but if you haven't got time for it right now, I'll give you the condensed intro. Bridlewood Manor is a story partly modelled after the classic British TV series, Upstairs, Downstairs, and it takes place in "real-time" minus 100 years exactly. Each episode will have a page of accompanying notes, artwork, sounds, what-have-you, on my website. This fic will continue for as long as I'm a member of FFN, so we're lookin' at the long haul, don't ya know.

Translation? It's set at the turn of the century in Victorian England. Heero is a spy; the rest of the cast show up in and around his targeted estate (Relena is the estate mistress). It travels all over the map, addressing nearly every emotional crossroads available. It has kittens and everyone exercising their wittiest dialogue, and it even includes scientists! ♥

This is seriously my favorite GW fanfic, EVER. T_T And it had to go and die.

Death record:
First posted in 2001 at fanfiction.net, BW progressed steadily through till roughly 2003, iirc, at which point it stalled for nearly a year. Mitsugi provided one or two more chapters, explanation of the extreme RL situation that was keeping her from the fic, and apologies, in early summer 2004. At that point, she expressed plans to go on a longterm hiatus upon reaching chapter 100, and hoped we'd all hold in over the course of a long drought.

However, chapter 94, parts one and two, is the last we've heard of Bridlewood, and when she posted it she intended 95 to be out shortly afterward. It wasn't.

Her website was last updated in October of 2004, at which point she included the full-length chapter 94, both halves. Since then, all's been quiet.

Mitsugi was a very steady updater, setting and keeping weekly chapter dates for herself, but when her RL issues came up, she became less spastic. I, and my few other friends who read BW, still held out faint hope that 95 will arrive after another year's hiatus, but as winter approaches my hope dims even further.

Thu, Oct. 13th, 2005 09:16 pm (UTC)

didnt check the com lol just saw Bridlewood Manor and blurted out 'NO WAY!' which i guess sums up how we fans of it feel at the mere thought of a new chapter.

i feel the same. a friend linked b.w to me in early 2003 and im such a fan of it now after spending days locked in my room reading it obsessively. cant believe its been like a year now. its still a fantastic story no matter how many times i read it!

i still hold out hope for it to be continued at some stage. but the problem - lol well not really the problem - is that whenever Mitsugi updated id have to reread the story to refamiliarise myself with everything that had gone on heh

like it was a chore to do ^^ hopefully she'll surprise us when we least expect it. hmmm i do miss the old site design to the new one tho! the period style i felt suited very well.